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William Blake
Audio Poems
Audio Poems 
William Blake is England's undiscovered great poet. While other romantic poets such as Keats and Byron achieved world fame, William Blake remained relatively unknown during his lifetime. Today, he is recognized as one of the great six: the English Romantic poets of the 18th Century, Coleridge, Keats, Byron, Shelly, and Wordsworth.

Blake's religious poems are especially famous, if not the best representatives of his work. This collection of audio poems by William Blake offers his two most famous Christian poems, as well as his hate poem, The Poison Tree, and his sad love poems, Love's Secret and The Garden of Love.

The audio poems collection then closes with a final religious poem of greater sophistication, also considered a death poem, though one with a blissful look at the hereafter.
William Blake audio poem The Tyger (Tiger)
Audio Poem
by William Blake

Of William Blake's numerous Christian
poems two are most famous: This audio poem, The Tyger, and The Lamb. Each of these Christian poems displays a corollary but opposite view of God. In this audio poem God's mighty side is depicted, His wrath and His power. Thus Blake compares God to a tiger, just as the second famous poem compares Him to a lamb. The tiger burns brightly, the metaphors applied to him blaze with majesty and awe. And such is the side of God this William Blake poem explores.

The Tyger, by William Blake
Blake audio poems The Lamb
Audio Poem
by William Blake

Perhaps one of
the most famous Christian poems ever written, The Lamb by William Blake speaks of Christ in a gentle light. Here the classic poet celebrates the joys of Creation symbolized in the beauty and perfection of a soft lamb; when the lamb, himself, is a symbol of Christ. This audio poem is simple and charming in its simplicity. Best listened to together with The Tyger, this audio poem reveals Blake's mixed view of God.

The Lamb, by William Blake
Blake audio poem The Garden of Love
Audio Poem
by William Blake

This haunting audio poem
by William Blake captures the grief and despair of lost love. Whether through death or parting, the hollow loss left behind after love departs is always the same--a garden turned into a graveyard. Likening despair to a cemetery, with gravestones in place of smiles and warmth, this audio poem is haunting and beautiful.

The Garden of Love, by William Blake
Blake audio poem Love's Secret
Audio Poem
by William Blake

Also known
by its first line, Never Seek to Tell Thy Love, this short love poem by William Blake speaks of not speaking of love. It warns against confessing the secret's of the heart, lest that angelic emotion we call love should flutter away with the wind. So if you have been told that you lack romantic sensitivity, that you cannot speak your heart--answer with this short love poem.

Love's Secret, by William Blake
A poison tree audio poem A Poison Tree
Audio Poem
by William Blake

Hate poems may
be bitter or cruel, but this hate poem from the famous classic English Romantic poet, William Blake, is filled with wisdom. For it speaks of the essence of hate, how it grows from anger that cannot be dispelled. When friends fight, the anger fades. But foes nourish and grow their hate, like a tree in an orchard. And thus grows the metaphor of this chilling audio poem about a poison tree.

A Poison Tree, by William Blake
William Blake audio poems Ah! Sunflower
Audio Poem
by William Blake

This classic death poem
from the famous English Romantic poet, William Blake, speaks not of the dark side of death, but of the hope of resurrection and peace everlasting. This serene audio poem gives hope to anyone who believes in the hereafter, speaking with a simple, natural metaphor as the poet looks at a sunflower and wonders at the passing of time. The classic poet, William Blake, is famed for his religious poems, and this one speaks with a heart full of belief in divine providence.

Ah! Sunflower, by William Blake
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